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Fiberglass Pipe System Division

Wecom Engineering has installed GRE spools on many FPSO modules, e.g. Lewek Emas at Vietnam, Stybarrow, Peregrino, Jubilee, P-57, BP Angola, OKHA, Pazflor, Baleia Azul and Aseng, etc. For FPSO BP Angola, we have installed approximately 33,000 diameter inch, meeting and adhering to its strict requirement of ISO 14692 standard.

Currently, we are continuously providing services to petrochemical plants and various vessels for installations and repairs of GRE pipes, retrofit and conversion of Carbon Steel pipes to Fiberglass pipes for Singapore’s major shipyards, overseas shipyards and voyage repairs.

CCP3 - Seraya Power Plant

WWTP Thembusu -
Banyan Project

SHELL ECC - Pulau Ular

Keppel Merlimau

BP Angola


AL Dredger 928

FPSO Marlim Sul

FPSO Stybarrow

FPSO Mondo

Pumps & Valves Mechanical Repair Division

Wecom Engineering provides a wide range of repairs, reconditioning and overhaul of all types of pumps. Rebuilding of worn-off parts and replacement of wear rings, seals, shafts, bearings, etc. and boring of pump housings. Rebuilding of corroded or damaged areas by special welding process on special materials.

Wecom Engineering provides a wide range of repairs, reconditioning , modifications and overhaul of all types of valves of up to 1500mm in diameters and pressure ratings of up to 10,000 psi. All works are carried out in-house, supported by our own facilities and machine shop equipment to repair parts or manufacture new parts for replacement. Repaired valves will are pressure tested to comply with our in-house standard or to owner’s requirements API 598, ANSI Standard Series B16, etc., with our hydraulic-operated test bench, thus saving time and cost.

Wecom Engineering has served many shipyards, ship owners and ship management companies for overhauling of all types of pumps and valves, impeller repairs, pump casing repair, actuators overhaul, vulcanising of valve seat rings, re-tubing of atmospheric condenser, blasting and painting, hydro testing and nitrogen testing, skid fabrication, pump base plate fabrication, anti-corrosive protective coating, etc. Several of our major customers are A.P. Moller, Chevron Shipping Company, Dyna-Mac Engineering Services, Jurong Shipyard, Keppel Shipyard, Maersk Tankers, Ocean Tankers, Modec Offshore Production Systems, ST Marine, Tanker Pacific Management, Union Alloy, etc.

Gallery 1 - Jurong Shipyard

Gallery 2 - Keppel Shipyard

Gallery 3 - Ocean Tankers

Gallery 4 - ST Marine

Gallery 5 - Vessel

Gallery 6 - Vessel

Gallery 7 - Vessel

Gallery 8 - Oil Rig


Anti-Pirate System

Wecom Engineering collaborated with MAERSK to incorporate the GRE Pipe System as an “Anti-Pirate System”. By connecting the tie-in point to the fire water line and implement the GRE pipe line routing, high pressure water can be atomized to combat against pirates. Our anti-pirate system is installed in the aft of the vessel with the aid of special designed GRE pipe supports. Since September 2009, after our first vessel MAERSK ARWA, we have installed more than 15 vessels all over the world.

Preparation work: GRE pipes, Parts, Tools & Consumables
Tie-in point to fire water line
Specially designed GRE pipe supports
Shaving & assemblying GRE pipe line routing
Covers to protect GRE pipes from pirates' grappling hooks
Atomizing water at high pressure