1. Specialized in Fiberglass FRP/GRP/GRE/GRV/PSX Pipe System
    a) Supply, fabrication, installation (above & underground, module,
        conversion, etc), repair, testing and commissioning for the
        marine-offshore, industrial, petrochemical and oil & gas industries.
    b) Conversion of Steel to GRE Piping System
    c) New Line System (Ballast, Sea Water Cooling & Fire Water Systems)
    d) Anti-Pirate System
    e) GRE Piping Routing For Scrubber Emission Control System
    f) GRE Piping Routing For Ballast Tank Water Management & Treatment
    g) Voyage GRE Piping Renew and Repair Works

2. Engineering Expertise in Fiberglass FRP/GRP/GRE/GRV/PSX Pipe System
    a) Stress Analysis & Surge Analysis
    b) Generate Piping Isometric Drawings
    c) Problem Solving & Failure Investigation eg. Non-Proper Bonding &
        Weak Thrust Support


- Marine-offshore, Industrial, Petrochemical, Refineries, Power Plants and Oil & Gas industries.

Benefits of fiberglass pipes over steel pipes:

- Corrosion resistant
- Light weight and reliable
- Reduced maintenance costs (Does not require protective coating)
- Electricity shielded (When grounded properly, prevents excessive accumulation of static electricity)
- Eliminates scale buildup which can clog spray nozzles
- Better flow characteristics than steel (Low pressure loss)

Fiberglass Pipe Installation: Retrofit work, Carbon Steel pipe modified to Fiberglass pipe

Above Ground

Inside Trenches

FPSO Modules

Customized DN3000 Lateral T-Branches

A. FRP Pipe Fabrication Process Flow

B. Steel to GRE Conversion Process Flow

C. Repair Process Flow