Wecom is a one-stop fiberglass piping specialist solution for your fiberglass piping needs.

  • We have tons of exstock fiber glass piping and fittings materials ready for supply.
  • We have facilities to carry out fiberglass lining bulkhead penetration & Engineering Assistance/ Stress Analysis.
  • We have an experienced strong team which have worked in the fiberglass piping industry for over a decade, ready to carry out installation & repair job.

From industrial GRE/GRVE/GRP Piping installation to vessel scrubber/BWTS/Ballast GRE/GRVE/GRP repair, we are able to provide services that you need.

Fiberglass Overboard Sleeve

Wecom’s solution to scrubber overboard pipe failure – a corrosion-reducing, cost-friendly solution. 

Extensive research and development since 2020 has allowed us to review past works carried out for overboard renewals to determine the thickness of sleeves and quantity of adhesive required to supply, fabricate and install GRE overboard sleeves.

Over the course of year 2021, we have sent our prototypes for testing:

  1. Structural Axial Tensile Strength Test
  2. Loss of Ignition Test
  3. Degree of Curing – Tg Value Test

Our sleeve fabrication has also undergone further testing conducted by NMD and ClassNK.

Since April 2022, we have successfully installed our GRE sleeves in 16 vessels thus far and we are projected to make a difference in many more vessels in the future.

For more information such as our corporate brochure & testing information and relevant certificates, kindly enquire at wecom_engrg@wecom.com.sg.

Benefits of GRE Sleeve

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Light weight and reliable
  • Reduced maintenance costs and more cost-friendly.
  • Electricity shielded (When grounded properly, prevents excessive accumulation of static electricity)
  • Eliminates scale buildup which can clog spray nozzles
  • Better flow characteristics than steel (Low pressure loss)

Fiberglass Overboard Sleeve Fabrication & Installation:

  • Fiberglass Overboard Sleeve

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