Wecom is a one-stop fiberglass piping specialist solution for your fiberglass piping needs.

  • We have tons of exstock fiber glass piping and fittings materials ready for supply.
  • We have facilities to carry out fiberglass lining bulkhead penetration & Engineering Assistance/ Stress Analysis.
  • We have an experienced strong team which have worked in the fiberglass piping industry for over a decade, ready to carry out installation & repair job.

From industrial GRE/GRVE/GRP Piping installation to vessel scrubber/BWTS/Ballast GRE/GRVE/GRP repair, we are able to provide services that you need.


Fiberglass Pipe (GRE/GRV/GRP)

  • We Supply Standard and Miter Fittings Fabrication, Pre-fabrication, Modification Repair, Installation for Scrubber, BWTS, Industrial, Petrochemical, Refineries, Power Plants, Offshore, Oil & Gas Industries and Vessel Repair (Anchorage/Voyage).
  • We are flexible to supply & install any maker of fiberglass as per Owner specification. We have a team of highly trained, experienced and qualified bonders and laminators in fiberglass piping with adequate facilities, machines, infrastructure and quality control system to support our Client.


Specializes in Fiberglass FRP/GRP/GRE/GRV/PSX Pipe System:

  • Supply, fabrication, installation (above & underground, module, conversion, etc), repair, testing and commissioning for the marine-offshore, industrial, petrochemical and oil & gas industries.
  • Conversion of Steel to GRE Piping System
  • New Line System (Ballast, Sea Water Cooling & Fire Water Systems)
  • Anti-Pirate System
  • GRE Piping Routing For Scrubber Emission Control System
  • GRE Piping Routing For Ballast Tank Water Management & Treatment System
  • Voyage GRE Piping Renew and Repair Works

Engineering Expertise in Fiberglass FRP/GRP/GRE/GRV/PSX Pipe System

  • Stress Analysis & Surge Analysis
  • Generate Piping Isometric Drawings
  • Problem Solving & Failure Investigation eg. Non-Proper Bonding & Weak Thrust Support

Industries we work with





Power Plants

Oil & Gas industries

Benefits of fiberglass pipes over steel pipes

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Light weight and reliable
  • Reduced maintenance costs (Does not require protective coating)
  • Electricity shielded (When grounded properly, prevents excessive accumulation of static electricity)
  • Eliminates scale buildup which can clog spray nozzles
  • Better flow characteristics than steel (Low pressure loss)


Fiberglass Pipe Installation:

  • Fiberglass Pipe

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